TOTAL values our interest owners and we are very proud to be a part of the 

greater Dallas-Fort Worth area.   

Owner Relations

Frequently Asked Questions

 Q:      What is the timing of the close?
 A:       The closing occurred on October 31, 2016. 

Q:        Will I start receiving correspondence and/or checks from TOTAL?
A:        During the transition period, Chesapeake will remain your contact ( 

           Once the transition is complete, you will receive updated contact information from TOTAL. 

Q:        How do I update my information if I have moved or my ownership has changed?
A:        Currently, all changes in ownership and address changes will continue to be

            handled by Chesapeake.

Q:        Where do I go to ask questions about my payment?
A:        Currently, all payment questions will continue to be handled by


Q:        What is going to be done on my properties?
A:         TOTAL is evaluating the properties at the time and cannot yet provide detailed information on

            future operational plans.